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Presidential Decree on the Security of National Vital Objects

The State Secretariat has recently issued Presidential Decree Number 63 of 2004 on the Security of National Vital Objects. The decree was drafted to ensure the safety of national vital object and to clarify that the responsibility of securing such objects lies in the hand of the national police. Subsequent to enactment of this decree, the military will gradually transfer the responsibility of securing the objects to the national police.  

Presidential Decree Number 63 of 2004 on the Security of National Vital Objects (“PD 63/2004” or the “Vital National Objects Decree”, or the “VNOD”) defines Vital National Objects (“VNO”) as to include any zone or location, building or installation, and business that carry the hopes of many, or are of national importance, or are a source of State revenue, or are characterized as of strategic importance. The Government may determine any location as a VNO by issuing a ministerial decision or head of non-departmental institution’s decree. PD 63/2004 does not include the Presidential or Vice-Presidential palaces nor does it include the official residences of the President or Vice-President. The security of these buildings will still be performed by the current security regime.

It would be the responsibility of the Vital National Objects Manager to coordinate and organize necessary security matters for each VNO. However, Article 4(2) states that the National Police Force (“Polri”) has an obligation to assist in the security of the VNO. Polri may also request the assistance of the Indonesian Armed Forces  (“TNI”) to assist in the security of VNO pursuant to the prevailing laws and regulations.

The VNOD stipulates that all other provisions that conflict will PD 63/2004 are revoked. It is expected that PD 63/2004 will clarify the security provisions relating to the protection and maintenance of objects deemed to be of vital national importance. VNOs are currently under the auspices of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Indonesia  however this authority is to transfer to the VNOM no later than 6 months after PD 63/2004 comes into force.

In an interview with Kompas Daily, last June, Head of the National Police Da’i Bachtiar said that the security of the VNO will be gradually transferred from the TNI into Polri,.  The TNI is currently guarding several VNOs such as PT Arun LNG, PT ExxonMobil, PLTA Sigura-gura, PT Inalum, PT Caltex Dumai, Plaju and Gerong Oil Refinery , PLTU Suralaya, PT Dirgantara Indonesia Bandung, Cilacap Oil Dump, PLTU Paiton, PLTU Petrokimia Gresik, PT Badak LNG Bontang, PT Vico Muara Badak, Unocal Sangata and PTUP V Pertamina Balikpapan, PT Nikel Soroako, PT Freeport Tembaga Pura, and PT Puspitek Serpong.

The Government are currently listing several sites to be included into the VNO. It is expected that there will be more than 66 VNOs, of which 33 companies are under the coordination of Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry. (mma)


[Last update: 2004-09-10 14:27:47]

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