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Mrs. Windy Mayani Harun

Mrs. Windy Mayani Harun is the Firm’s Legal Consultant obtained her bachelor’s degree (SH) from Faculty of Law, University of Trisakti and graduated on August 1997. She has worked for LGS since September 1997. Specialising in corporate law, banking, e-commerce, M&A, her client representations include Bank Resona Perdania, Government of the Republic of Indonesia, Citra Group, Dentsu, Mitsui, Garuda, Dun & Bradstreet Singapore, IBRA/BPPN, IDLI (International Development Law, Yamaha, and Schultze & Braun. As with her specialty in e-commerce, she is a member of Masyarakat Telekomunikasi/Mastel (Telecommunication Community). Mrs. Harun has attended seminars and courses in infrastructure, banking, and of course law matters. She speaks Bahasa Indonesia and English.


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