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About LGS Legal Database

LGS Legal Database

The LGS Legal Database consists of the gathered resources and collective wisdom of LGS’s more than 27 years of corporate law practice in Indonesia.


Laws and Regulations

Finding prevailing laws and regulations in Indonesia is not an easy task because there is no single public service allowing access to a complete compilation of laws and regulations. Lawyers normally obtain legal texts on an as needed basis, which can be both very time consuming and hugely expensive because it requires paying employees to consult the State Gazette or issuing department or agency until they find the right document. 

The Laws and Regulations Database consists of around 8,000 Indonesian laws and regulations, and over 1,000 English translations, and is updated on an ongoing basis. Reliable sources include the State Printing Company, State Secretary, Parliament, Ministries, technical departments issuing laws and regulations, and other sources. The user-friendly search mechanism allows search by key word, type of law or regulation, year of issuance, or name of law or regulation.



LGS Legal Memoranda

LGS Memoranda represent the work of LGS lawyers over the last 27 years, revisited and revised pursuant to the prevailing laws, regulations and government policy, and generally accepted corporate and financial best practices. Coverage includes the most important issues in the fields of corporate law, investment law, corporate finance (including capital markets), labor and commercial litigation. As well as other practice areas including antitrust, project finance, secured transactions, energy, oil and gas, mining, infrastructure, privatization, agriculture, forestry, international trade, maritime, shipping, aviation, bank restructuring, debt restructuring, insurance, Syariah (Islamic) finance, and many others.


LGS Forms and Agreements

Standard forms and agreements are adopted from LGS’s very best practice documents, which are the result of in depth research and generally accepted best corporate practices. Most have survived tough negotiations, and many have been tested through dispute settlement in and outside the courts.

The standard forms and agreements are designed to be used with strict guidance from Indonesian lawyers or in-house counsel. In case of doubt, the users should consult LGS lawyers for more detailed explanation.


Template Provisions

This feature offers practicing lawyers and in-house counsel a quick resource to find provisions typically used in most contracts, enabling users to concentrate on the core provisions of the contract. The Template collection consists of provisions relating to parties, conditions precedent, anti-competition, confidentiality, positive and negative covenants, termination, consequences of termination, governing law and jurisdiction, mediation, arbitration and other dispute resolution clauses. Drafting a contract has never been so easy and practical, as most of the provisions are a matter of “copy, paste, and execute.”


Litigation Reports

In Indonesia, many important cases are never publicly reported by the courts, and the ones that are more often than not lack a comprehensible case history and an interpretation of the ruling. LGS Online Litigation Reports cover decisions on essential business issues that may affect investment or commercial considerations. 

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