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Menara Imperium 30th Floor
Jl. H. R. Rasuna Said Kav. 1 Kuningan,
Jakarta 12980, Indonesia.
Telephone : (62-21) 831 5005, 831 5025
Fax : (62-21) 831 5015, 831 5025


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LGS Online

About LGS Online

LGS Online is Indonesia’s first integrated online legal services provider. Developed in cooperation with law firm Lubis Ganie Surowidjojo (LGS), LGS Online is dramatically changing the way legal services are delivered.


The Need

Indonesian law is a patchwork of civil law inherited from the Dutch, post-independence legislation, modern common law principles, and customary (adat) law. There are multiple levels of legal authority, from the Laws passed by Parliament to ministerial decrees and decisions of various directorate generals. Courts do not observe precedent (stare decisis), but the rulings of the Supreme Court have persuasive authority, even though they are frequently inconsistent and have at times remained unpublished. Post-Suharto reforms brought about some improvements, namely freedom of the press, but significant work remains in other sectors. The general perception is that laws in Indonesia are inconsistent, overlapping, and often ad hoc or temporary in application.

At the same time, business people around the globe recognize the amazing potential of Indonesia as a producer and as a market. Indonesia is blessed with some of the world’s largest timber, oil and gas, and mining reserves, as well as agricultural potential, all of which are scattered across an archipelago that stretches as far as from Seattle to New York or Perth to Sydney. Its diverse population of approximately 240 million people is enjoying ever-increasing purchasing power.

To negotiate this complex, and sometimes turbulent, business and legal landscape, a lawyer must possess special skill, ability and creativity to interpret the law, apply it to clients’ specific requirements, deal with policy makers, and settle disputes. In the past, business clients wishing to invest or operate in Indonesia had to be physically present in the country to retain and work with qualified counsel, who would expend considerable client funds in researching and issuing recommendations. As a result, deals were often fraught with delays - at times fatal ones.


The Solution

LGS Online was developed to modernize the practice of law by providing electronic access to the firm’s comprehensive legal database and by making available the wisdom and experience of LGS’s 27 years of international corporate practice. 

With a simple click, the members of LGS Online will be able to access the information they need to protect their business interests in Indonesia. In addition to a database of around 8,000 laws and regulations, LGS Online offers document templates and template language, interpretive memos, and litigation analyses addressing all of the fields most commonly confronted in corporate practice. All are downloadable round the clock and from any corner of the globe with very reasonable pricing and high degree of reliability.


Features of LGS Online:


News & Opportunities

News & Opportunities aggregates the most recent news, information and opportunities in Indonesia that are of value to business people, international lawyers, consultants, investment bankers and others. Typical information includes privatization of state owned-companies, notable public offerings, infrastructure projects, project finance, mega-projects and other business and investment opportunities. This feature also alerts members to important changes in government policy that may attract new, or affect existing, business, so investors are in the position to react and protect their interests in Indonesia. 


LGS Online Newsletter

LGS Online newsletters report on new laws, regulations and government policies that affect business in general, and from time to time report on issues pertaining to specific industries. Business people will stay updated with insights they may need to consider in directing their business targets and projections.


Indonesia Under Review

This quarterly feature provides a comprehensive analysis of important developments in Indonesian law and politics. Business in Indonesia has never been separated from politics, so we report on the political situations, important events, and general direction of public policies that affect business and macroeconomic conditions.


LGS News

This feature highlights LGS’s involvement in important deals in Indonesia and in the region, as well as other aspects in the life of LGS that may be of interest to members.


Messages from the Board

From time to time the CEO of LGS Online will explain what’s new at LGS Online and LGS and will call attention to issues of importance to LGS Online members. 


Who’s Who in Indonesia

This list of powerbrokers is invaluable for anyone who is not already familiar with the mapping of power, politics and culture in Indonesia today.


Important Addresses

This reference is a useful tool for contacting government departments, agencies and institutions.


LGS Legal Database

The LGS Legal Database consists of:

  • English language laws and regulations
  • Indonesian language laws and regulations
  • LGS Legal Memoranda
  • LGS Forms and Agreements
  • LGS Template Provisions
  • Selected Court Decisions and Litigation Reports

The database is accessible through www.lgs-online.com and further details are available in the LGS Legal Database section.


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