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Menara Imperium 30th Floor
Jl. H. R. Rasuna Said Kav. 1 Kuningan,
Jakarta 12980, Indonesia.
Telephone : (62-21) 831 5005, 831 5025
Fax : (62-21) 831 5015, 831 5025


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Firm and Services

The role of lawyers in Indonesia is constantly evolving. Recognising this ever-changing role, LGS strives to remain informed on the latest legal, political and socioeconomic developments to provide advice of the highest calibre. LGS understands the dynamic setting that its lawyers play in facilitating our client's access to policy makers, regulators, and government agencies. And so our lawyers use their legal skills and knowledge of Indonesian business practices to arrive at a customised legal solution for each client.

The role and approach by LGS to its clients in dealing with a business transaction includes:

  • Providing legal advice in the context of the clients’ businesses;
  • Providing legal advice to strengthen the clients’ bargaining power;
  • Increasing clients’ cost efficiency, maximize clients’ strength and minimizing clients’ risks;
  • Proposing a structure for a transaction which is beneficial to clients, and on the other hand securing the legality and enforceability of the transaction;
  • Proposing the most tax efficient transaction;
  • Providing legal advice in consideration of commercial, technical and procedural aspects of the transaction, and the clients’ wishes;
  • Actively taking the initiative and solving problems using reasonable means of approach as required by clients, in cooperation with the clients’ team and other supporting professionals;
  • Conducting legal due diligence pursuant to any scope of work determined by our clients.
Practice Areas
LGS is widely recognized for its Corporate and Commercial Law expertise, while at the same time also continues to expand its commercial litigation, and is consistently ranked at the top of the league tables for every major area of its practice, namely:

Alternative Dispute Resolution and Arbitration

Information Technology

Anti Trust


Bank and Debt Restructuring

International Trade

Banking and Secured Transactions

Intellectual Property Rights



Capital Market

Maritime and Shipping


Mergers and Acquisitions


Mining, Oil and Gas

Consumer Protection Defense Litigation


Corporate Finance

Project Finance

Distribution of Goods and Services

Property and Real Estate


Refinancing and Bank Lending

Foreign and Domestic Investment

Shariah Transactions

Forestry and Plantation

Structured Finance

General Corporate


Good Corporate Governance



US Representative Offices and Strategic Investment for Residency

Together, LGS lawyers work across practices to provide the highest quality legal services, bringing their collective experience to bear on the issues that clients face. Underpinning the quality of our work are our shared values.
LGS has several core practices, with the main focus in recent years being on acquisitions of companies. Particulary, in the recent past, LGS has frequently dealt with acquisitions involving complex issues on corporate and debt restructuring, mining, as well as significant deals in the capital market.
LGS Legal Database
LGS Online was developed to modernize the practice of law by providing electronic access to the firm’s comprehensive legal database and by making available the wisdom and experience of LGS’s 28 years of international corporate practice. 
With a simple click, the members of LGS Online will be able to access the information they need to protect their business interests in Indonesia. In addition to a database of around 8,000 laws and regulations, LGS Online offers document templates and template language, interpretive memos, and litigation analyses addressing all of the fields most commonly confronted in corporate practice. All are downloadable round the clock and from any corner of the globe with very reasonable pricing and high degree of reliability.
LGS is associated with the international law firm Clyde & Co, with a focus on servicing clients across Indonesia in its growing provinces and regions and Indonesian business venturing abroad. Clyde & Co has a presense in jurisdictions around the world to satisfy the need in a globalised world. The association is bulit in order to provide clients with an international legal service that is truly unparalled in excelence.


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